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Scribbled- Life At Amity

“Amity”. Well, Amity is not just a word, or a university. It’s an emotion. Yes, Amity is an emotion for all us, Amitians. Amity is a huge university in itself and comes under the top-most universities of Asia. It absolutely deserves to. All your money you put in is just worth it. Believe you me, it is much beyond education. Amity teaches you not only your subject, but it teaches you life. It teaches you the best life-lessons, it helps you grow as a person, and it shapes your personality. You come in Amity as a beginner and you leave Amity as a confident human being, an established, a completely different and a better person.

Life in Amity is way more than just your studies. It is about those sutta conversations with your group early in the morning, to lunch at balli’s, to running for attendance and still never being able to attend the 9:15 class. Maintaining good rapport with the CR and begging your friend to mark your proxy. Begging the teacher by sliding papers from under the door asking them to let you in when you’re super late for the class so that you don’t get debarred.

It’s a beautiful journey from your first year to your end years in Amity. The excitement for AYF and all the other fests that you have when you attend them for the very first time cannot be put into words. Driving to the Amity theka in between classes and returning drunk to college, how can we forget that? I’m sure each one of us has experienced this at least once in our years. Well, that’s not it. All of us can relate to the Holi we celebrate outside Amity, right? Holi for us is not just about colors. It’s about throwing eggs at each other and gulping down the beer, dancing to dhol and pulling in random people on the roads to join us. Attending Amity Holi is a must. If you haven’t, you’re really missing out on something in your life. Talking about festivals, how can we forget Diwali? Putting Diwali bombs in washrooms and the corridor and running away to hide from the faculties when they burst, just to pretend you don’t know who did it. All of it so much fun. Again, talking about fun, how can we forget the H block movie promotions? Every time your favorite Actor comes and you rush to get just a glimpse in the overcrowded H block. H block is well, the place where so many love stories and friendships have started. There’s a new story in H block every day.

Not to forget, Amity is full of talented and skilled people. Photographers, Actors, Bloggers, Writers, Models, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, and much more. People in Amity put their heart into whatever they do. Well, you can say that is one reason Amity ranks first in the inter-college fests they participate in. We love our music concerts and the DJ nights.

I fall short of words to explain the Life in Amity. It is such a beautiful experience. It’s a journey full of every essence of life.

Once an Amitian, always an Amitian.

by- Shivangi Tomar

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