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#FakingNews Couple Went Inside Amity University Thinking It As A Mall!


#FakingNews In a shocking turn around of events, a couple went inside Amity University thinking it as a newly opened mall.

Sachin & Anjali (fake names) reportedly were driving around Sector 18 metro station where they were arguing about searching new places to hang out and end up being inside Amity University after they were following the directions of Dominos in Google Maps.

The couple later admitted that they mistook the interiors & youth crowd as a mall.

Marshalls who are now investigating the incident said that the university might plan to get name tagging for cars as well.

One of the students who spotted them said ‘they were kinda feeling happy and were not looking stressful about attendance at all!’

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The boy Sachin confessed that ‘I went to Dominos and asked for a Chicken Pan Pizza and they replied they don’t serve non-veg at all, and I was like Wtf? That’s when I realised that we are at the wrong place’

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